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Concept Health Systems Prevention Department (CHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing character and well-being in children and families. We combat crime, violence, dependency, and delinquency through holistic approaches, addressing academic, physical, social, and economic development.

What We

CHS offers various programs, including peer education initiatives like A-List UNAVOZ, Teen Intervene, PhotoVoice, HIV prevention, substance abuse prevention, and more.


We take a comprehensive approach that includes addressing alcohol and substance misuse, crime prevention, bullying, vaping, behavioral and mental health, as well as tackling academic and social challenges.


CHS follows the Strategic Prevention Framework, integrating cultural competence and sustainability into every program phase. Our dedicated staff reflects the diverse Miami-Dade population.


Research supports the effectiveness of Peer Approaches for Adolescent Prevention and Intervention Programs, harnessing positive peer pressure to foster functional behaviors and boost self-esteem among participants. Peer-to-peer work for adolescents has been shown to have a positive impact on fostering functional behaviors and increasing self-esteem (Smith et al., 2020).

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