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Adolescent Services


Our treatment philosophy is a comprehensive approach that includes education, prevention, intervention, risk reduction, relapse prevention, and the right level of care for each individual. This ensures that you and your family receive all the services needed to create a healthy and sustainable recovery. Our goal is to assist you and your family in improving your quality of life to become aware, responsible, happy, and healthy!

What We


Outpatient Treatment

Our adolescent outpatient treatment program provides integrated therapeutic services for adolescents in need of outpatient substance abuse treatment. The program offers comprehensive, confidential counseling services that incorporate evidence-based treatment approaches, including individual and group counseling, family counseling, psychoeducation, life skills, experiential therapy, relapse prevention, and formal referrals to community agencies based on individual needs. These outpatient

services can be delivered in traditional agency settings, in the individual and family's home, or in nontraditional community-based locations, making it convenient for the participants.


Case Management

We develop strategies to reduce or eliminate dependency tendencies among individuals with mental illness. Our case managers assist individuals with complex needs by coordinating the provision of quality treatment and support services tailored to each individual's specific treatment needs. Treatment needs are identified during an intake and assessment period and are developed in collaboration with the individual and their case manager. A service plan is created to outline how these needs will be addressed.


Treatment and Support Service Modalities

All treatment, prevention, and intervention modalities provided to patients, clients, and their families are evidence-based, culturally competent, and patient-centered. These modalities include:

  • Individual and Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma-Informed Treatment Modalities

  • Multi-dimensional Family Therapy

  • In-Home and On-Site Therapeutic Counseling and Support Services, with referrals

  • WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan

  • Medical, Psychiatric, and Bio-Psychosocial Assessments

  • Comprehensive Case Management

  • Yoga, Smoking Cessation, and other wellness initiatives


Screenings and Assessments

Screenings identify individuals at potentially high risk for specific conditions, often leading to further evaluation, preliminary intervention, or referral. Assessments provide a comprehensive clinical picture, aiding diagnosis and treatment planning in a culturally competent manner, identifying psychological problems and conditions, indicating their severity, and providing treatment recommendations. CHS uses the following methods for screenings:

· KIS – Knight Software Screening and Assessment

· ASI – Addiction Severity Index and individual/family narratives

· ADAD – Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis

· ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria to determine the level of care needed

· Mental Status Exams and Psychiatric Evaluations when needed

· Medical Exams to determine the medical necessity for treatment and other services


Intervention and HIV Counseling and Testing

The goal of the HIV Counseling and Testing Program is to reduce HIV infection incidence in our community and enhance the quality of life for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Services are confidential and address factors associated with HIV infection risk or progression. Additionally, we provide assistance in finding housing and services for individuals with HIV/AIDS who face homelessness or are already experiencing it.


Post Treatment Recovery Support

Continuing Care treatment and support services are tailored to each person's recovery journey. Our core approach across all drug and alcohol rehab programs is abstinence-based, founded on evidence-based practices. Restoring and maintaining health involves learning to live differently and managing a chronic disease. Concept Health Systems, Inc.'s post-treatment services and resources are designed to strengthen and advance your recovery over the long term. Our support doesn't end when you complete treatment. Our recovery services and resources include:

  • Placement in or referral to a Continuing Care Program that aligns with your recovery needs

  • Ongoing case management to help you access support services from Concept Health Systems or the South Florida Community

  • Individual and family therapy sessions to assist in rebuilding trust within your support network, whether it's your family, friends, or others in the recovery community.

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