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Adult Services


We provide both in and outpatient substance abuse treatments. Admission is based on individual clinical needs, overseen by Board Certified psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, licensed Mental Health Counselors and licensed Social Workers. A multi-disciplinary treatment team works with each adult and family to deliver a wide array of behavioral health services. 

What We


Outpatient Bilingual Spanish and English 

El programa de tratamiento ambulatorio en nuestras instalaciones ofrece una variedad de servicios psicoterapéuticos integradores adaptados a adultos que buscan tratamiento del abuso de alcohol y otras drogas controladas. Nuestra prioridad es la confidencialidad y la atención integral, con enfoques basados en evidencias tales como consejería individual y grupal, asesoramiento para familias en riesgo, psicoeducación, entrenamiento de habilidades para la vida, terapia experiencial, prevención de recaídas y conexiones con recursos comunitarios según sea necesario.

1840 W 49th St Suite 602

Hialeah, Florida 33012


Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient treatment program provides integrative psychotherapeutic services for adults in need of
treatment. The program offers comprehensive, confidential counseling services for individuals by
incorporating evidence-based treatment approaches, including individual and group counseling, family
counseling, psychoeducation, life skills, experiential therapy, relapse prevention, and formal referrals to
community agencies based on individual needs.


Case Management

We help to create strategies to reduce or eliminate the tendency to foster dependency among individuals with a mental illness. A case manager assists individuals with complex needs by coordinating the provision of quality treatment and support services which are based on each individual and their particular treatment needs. Treatment needs are identified through an intake and assessment period and are developed with the individual and their case manager. A service plan is developed which outlines how these needs will be addressed.


Screenings and Assessments

Screenings are used for the early identification of individuals potentially at high risk for a specific
condition. Assessments provide a more complete clinical picture of an individual, can aid diagnosis
and/or treatment planning in a culturally competent manner, and can identify psychological problems
and conditions, indicate their severity, and provide treatment recommendations.
The following methods are used for screenings at CHS:

  • ASI – Addiction Severity Index and individual/family narratives

  • ADAD – Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis

  • ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria used to determine the level of care needed

  • Mental Status Exams and Psychiatric Evaluations when needed

  • Medical Exam to determine the medical necessity for treatment and other services


Post Treatment Recovery Support

Continuing Care treatment and support services vary based on individual needs but at the core of our
drug and alcohol rehab programs is an evidence-based, abstinence-focused Twelve-Step approach.
Regaining and maintaining your health involves learning to live differently and managing a chronic
disease. Concept Health Systems, Inc. is committed to supporting your recovery journey long after
treatment ends. Our post-treatment services and resources include:

  • Placement in or referral to a Continuing Care Program tailored to your recovery needs.

  • Ongoing case management to help you access support services provided by Concept Health Systems or within the South Florida community.

  • Individual and family therapy sessions are aimed at rebuilding trust within your support network, whether it's your family, friends, or fellow members of the recovery community.


Residential Treatment

Concept Health Systems Inc. offers specialized residential substance abuse treatment exclusively for
women, with a focus on addressing their unique clinical requirements. Our program provides a tailored
range of services, including:


  • Thorough Screening and Diagnostic Assessment

  • Individual Counseling Tailored Specifically for Women

  • Gender-Specific Group Counseling

  • Therapeutic Recreational Activities, Art Therapy, and Yoga

  • Behavioral Modification and Anger Management

  • Personalized Case Management

  • Regular Drug Screen Monitoring

  • Ongoing Continuing Care Programming

Our dedicated approach recognizes the distinct needs of women seeking recovery, providing them with
the support and resources essential for their successful path to healing and sobriety.

162 NE 49th St

Miami, FL 33137


Medication Assisted Treatment

In addition to using medications to assist in recovery, we also incorporate group, individual, and family
counseling into our program. Opiate replacement medications are utilized to meet the specific needs of
our clients. Medication, in conjunction with intensive counseling, helps increase the likelihood of
establishing recovery and fostering a responsible, healthy lifestyle. Psychiatric services are available to
clients grappling with additional mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety, allowing these
issues to be addressed safely and effectively while simultaneously treating addiction.


Intervention and HIV Counseling and Testing

The goal of the HIV Counseling and Testing Program is to reduce the incidence of HIV infection in our community and to improve the quality of life for persons who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Services are confidential and designed to address the factors associated with the risk or progression of HIV infection. In addition, we also provide assistance in locating housing and services for individuals with HIV/AIDS and are experiencing a threat of homelessness or are already are.


Treatment and Support Service Modalities

All treatment, prevention, and intervention modalities provided to patients, clients, and their families are Evidenced Based, Culturally Competent, and Patient-Centered. The modalities used include:
Individual and Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Trauma-Informed Treatment Modalities
Multi-dimensional Family Therapy
In-Home and On-Site Therapeutic Counseling and Support Services delivery and referral
WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Medical, Psychiatric and Bio-Psychosocial Assessments
Comprehensive Case Management
Yoga, Smoking Cessation, and other wellness initiatives

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