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Concept Health Systems Inc.

Professional Assistance for Substance Use and

Mental Disorders since 1970

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Our Mission

The mission of Concept Health Systems is to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and their communities impacted by substance abuse, mental disorders, and other related social problems. This mission is accomplished by providing a continuously improving continuum of care that utilizes evidenced-based practices, is part of a local Recovery Orientated System of Care, is client-centered, and is culturally/linguistically competent. The vision of Concept Health Systems is to be a leader in developing and delivering a comprehensive menu of behavioral health services that meet the evolving needs of our community.


We provide both in and outpatient substance abuse treatments. A multi-disciplinary treatment team works with each adult and family to deliver a wide array of behavioral health services. 

Our treatment philosophy is a comprehensive approach that includes education, prevention, intervention, risk reduction, relapse prevention and the right level of care for each individual. 

Our prevention team is dedicated to nurturing character in children and families. We support youth by providing a safe space for them to express themselves freely and without judgement.

While we provide a variety of services, we also work with many other organizations to help out you and your community in your times of need as well as providing resources to help the community.

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